Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

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  • Trip Duration 1 Day
  • Price from US$ 980
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Trip Style NA
  • Accomodation NA
  • Transportation By Air
  • Meals Breakfast
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Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is well-known Nepalese Himalaya experience nither need steep hikes ascend hills nor descend  trails and with out suffering high altitude sickness. This luxury Everest base camp helicopter Tour package  is possible to book by online tour by adventure International trekking to know tour to Everest  heli tour is one of the easiest and magnificence tour at Khumbu region with its excellent service. where can enjoy with glacier without trainning like alpine Mountaineer, or no need any excersise like high altitude trekkers .This itinerary suit every age group with best offer from agency. People from all universes might hear about Mount Everest, Namche Bazzar the "sherpa land" or highest mountain, mountaineering expedition summits or high altitude trekking peak climber like Island Peak climbed etc ….

The people who do not have many days to complete 16 days Everest Base Camp trekking in nepal or even not enough time to do 7 Days Everest BC Short Trek fly out by Helicopter . No concerns! Helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp is perhaps the best optioned to full fill your dream to get in touch Everest base camp or Kalapatter. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with landing option we do recommend you where you can enjoy color full base camp, ice fall, Ama dablam,  Cho oyu, Nuptse, Lhotse peaks are  chain of Himalayas as you remain on the base of those pinnacles both ascend and descend phase . We take maximum 5 people in one helicopter but still we need to shuttle service from pherice or from Everest view hotel according to your personal body weight remain ....

Pre instructions for Heli Visit arrangement 

Before start this Helicopter tour you might expect pre briefing about this trip itinerary also for solo traveler who want to join this heli tour if possible to meet otherwise we can come to visit you at your stay in Kathmandu for more information or we can clear also by phone or use what’s up for final departure from Kathmandu and better to confirmed on time about estimating time to departure airport from your hotel an early morning.      

Day of EVEREST HELICOPTER TOUR with Itineraries 

Visit Activity 1: Kathmandu to Lukla Flight 

Our organization delegate will come to meet you at your hotel and move you to the local terminal (Tribhuvan Global Air terminal). After the skipper's informing, you will go before load up to the helicopter and the flight will take off as indicated by the succession kept up. In the air terminal, flights take off in an arrangement to keep up the hole between the previous and present flights. It will take around 50 to an hour to reach Lukla Air terminal from Kathmandu. At Lukla, topping off fuel will be finished. Meanwhile, you can appreciate take photographs and recordings from the air terminal. 

05:30 to 06:30 AM: Get time from lodging (contingent on climate and spot of your area) 

O6:30 to 07:00 AM: Arrive at domestic terminal (Tribhuvan Universal Air terminal) 

07:00 to 07:30 AM: Reach Lukla terminal (Tenzin Hillary Air terminal) 

*Please don't stop for a second to sit tight for certain minutes as the baggage weight review will be done in the air terminal and climate condition is additionally checked to know whether it is proper for trip to take off or not. 

Visit Activity No 2: Lukla to Pheriche Flight 

Presently, you will fly from Lukla to Pheriche. It will take around 20 minutes to finish the separation. 

Visit Activity no 3: Pheriche to EBC/Kala Patthar 

In Pheriche, the weight is kept up and the helicopter trip to EBC Or Kalapatter  in a suttle (particularly 2 suttle flight are complimented, yet in hardly any cases, it might prompt 3 too). It is done in light of the fact that the helicopter carries 490kgs up to Pheriche or more that, it flies with the heaviness of 250 kgs just, as a result of security concerns. Inside 15 to 20 minutes, you will reach Kalapattar  and give 40 to 50 minutes there. 

Visit Activity no 4: Kala Patthar to Lodging Everest View 

Subsequent to catching photographs and recordings and going through certain minutes in Kalapattar , you will travel to Lodging Everest View (HEV). It takes around 15 to 20 minutes to reach HEV(Everest View Lodging) from Kalapattar . At HEV, you will go through 30 to 35 minutes with breakfast and time to investigate around for photos. 

Visit Activity no 5: Fly to Kathmandu 

At last, you will fly back to Kathmandu legitimately or by means of Lukla. Upon appearance in Kathmandu, you will be dropped back to your particular lodging. With this, your helicopter tour to Mount Everest Base Camp  closes with a last farewell. 

Takeoff Subtleties 

Fixed Takeoff Visit to Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour for 2020, 2021 

For the long stretches of Spring, April, May, and September, October, November, and December Timely riser Rebate offer is accessible for the year 2020, 2021 your Helicopter Visit Operator Adventure Universal Trekking and Campaign has noticed  a fixed flight visit for Everest Base camp Helicopter Tour with the perfect calendar" So Buck Up" it's Just USD 990 Per Individual for the Booking of least 4 Pax and the sky is the limit from there. 

We have a practically regular fixed takeoff for a Helicopter Visit to Everest base camp during the principle season. To check ensured flight or availabilities to make sure about your seats-Call us whenever  in Versatile for Private contract or gathering joining flights or go through with our Online Helicopter Tour Booking !  or Online ABC Helicopter Tour Booking !

Contact Directly - Devi Pandey 

Mobile phone +977 9851072584/9801072584,  24 Hrs Accessible on WhatsApp, Viber or WeChat. 

Climate conditions and normal temperature condition in The Everest Base Camp  and the close to zone 

The climate of the Mt. Everest Area  is thoroughly relying upon the season anyway Everest Base Camp  can be visited all around the year and furthermore relies on the elevation and zones of the visit. The period of storm, for example, July to mid-September is wet yet thoroughly spotless and green. 

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour also takes you past 5,000 meters. The day is clear where there are solid daylight and UV (ultra-violet)because of diminishing oxygen just as pneumatic stress, 

Mid-September to December is likewise the best and clear climate. The temperature is in Everest Base Camp  pretty much - 05 to - 10 degree Celsius toward the beginning of the day, during the daylight is in EBC  most extreme is 15-20 Degree Celsius 

December to Spring is the coldest months with odds of snows with the base of - 10 to - 15 degree Celsius with the most extreme 15-18 degree this season is clear with a fine blue sky and Extraordinary perspectives on Himalayas. From the mid of Spring, again the warm season is starting.

Cost and Dates

Fixed Departure Tour to Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour for 2020, 2021 For the months of March, April, May, and September, October, November, and December Early Bird Discount offer is available for the year 2020, 2021 your Helicopter Tour Operator Adventure International Trekking and Expedition has noticed a fixed departure tour for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with the compatible schedule" So Buck Up" it's Only USD 990 Per Person for the Booking of minimum 4 Pax and more.

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  • noimage

    kindness and amazing

    I arrived to Kathmandu at 19th of June 2018. This was an unplanned trip to Nepal. There was to many confusion, surprise, and curiosity and then I meet Mr. Allen at Thamel. The young and smart sales operator of this travel agency who immediately understood the fact that I needed to…Read More...

  • Colin/Carla,

    The best Helicopter Everest flight Experienced in Nepal. 

    The best Helicopter Everest flight Experienced in Nepal.  I visited nepal in for 14 days in March 2019 to the exclusion of everything else finished 8 days annapurna base camp short trekking my self with my wife and before fly to home I decided to do another Everest trip and search…Read More...

  • noimage

    Endless Experience

    Honesty! A come across of a lifetime! I needed to hold up extra one or two days as the climate wasn't perfect yet I was kept educated each night by Devi who runs the visit. At the point when I got warning that we were flying the following morning Devi…Read More...

  • Andrew

    Excellent Everest experienced!!

    Excellent Everest flight experienced!! Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour by helicopter flight with landing at Kalapatter from Kathmandu a day tour Since, I was so young growing up I was interested by Mount-everest and wanted to see it. I was fortunate enough to go to Kathmandu and happened to run…Read More...

  • noimage

    Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp

    Mainly, due to the entire impression, it’s appropriate for low budget optioned too and always has the choices for even cool but costlier events to helicopter ride in Nepal. Flying around by helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp/ Kalapatter The organizer arranged our trip in last minutes just 20 hours an advance the program and therefore the pilot focuses…Read More...

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Useful Informations

How easy is it to get to Everest Base Camp?

The quickest way is to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla airport, high within the Himalayas. ... You will need a minimum of a few of days here to acclimatize to the altitude, then about five to seven days to hike to the  Base Camp of Mt. Everest 

Can we take a helicopter to Everest Base Camp?

Lifetime memorable experience helicopter tours to the Everest base camp may be a short day tour in Everest region. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour starts from Kathmandu and ends to Kathmandu. It's Normally 4 to five hour’s flight from the Kathmandu.

How high can helicopters fly?

Turbine-engine helicopters can reach around 25,000 feet. But the utmost height at which a helicopter can hover is far lower - a high performance helicopter just like the Agusta A109E can hover at 10,400 feet.

Can we go to Mount Everest by helicopter?

The simple answer to your question is YES you'll take a helicopter to the Mt Everest  As Mt. Everest summit is at 29,000 feet above water level. The atmospheric pressure is about 1/3 rd there as compared thereto of stumped level.

How do I get from Kathmandu to Mt Everest?

Flight time from Kathmandu to Lukla is about 1 hour. Then take the second aviation from Lukla to the EBC., After flying through Dingboche, Gorashep and glacier, the helicopter may land at Kalapatthar, (5,550 meters), where you'll witness Everest et al. peaks at closer proximity, or the Everest Base Camp.

Can you see the Everest from Kathmandu?

Everest from Chandragiri View Tower is Contrary to everyone's belief; Everest can actually be seen from Kathmandu. The Chandragiri hills in Kathmandu offer a bird's eye view of the Himalayan ranges and Everest on a transparent day.

Is it hard to get to Everest Base Camp?

As daunting because the name may sound, the 16 days verest Base Camp Trekking isn't a difficult most the trek one can undertake. ... the rationale for this is often because most of the trekking is at a slow pace and days for acclimatization need to be factored in – the trek would be much harder if you tried to finish it in under 12 days

Is Mount Everest base camp dangerous?

In comparison to climbing Everest, the  Everest base camp treks is extremely safe. ... That being said, the Everest Base Camp Trek still poses a spread of risks due to its location and altitude. Being situated at the bottom of the tallest mountain within the world means trekkers can succumb to hypoxia

Can a helicopter fly over Everest?

Helicopters can fly above the summit of Everest but landing to require on a passenger or body is dangerous. In some cases a special technique is employed in 2005, Euro-copter French company claimed a helicopter landing on the summit of Everest.

Can we see the Everest from Everest Base Camp?

While you cannot see Everest from Base Camp – there are other insanely tall mountains blocking your view – from day one among the hike, you will have great views of the world's tallest mountain so you will have many snaps of Everest from other parts of the hike.

How far is the trek to Everest Base Camp?

The entire trek is 130 km (80 miles) trip .

This is the space from Lukla to Everest Base Camp then back to Lukla.

How much does a helicopter cost in Nepal?

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour takes 3 hours (round trip, including landing time at Kalapatthar and Syangboche). A helicopter can accommodate up to 4 person or up to 400kg to Kalapatthar.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost Detail.

Max Group Size 5 people

Helicopter Charter Cost :-  4,200 USD

Group Joining Cost:-  USD 850 to 1,550 USD per Person according  no of passengers

Which helicopter tour options and companies are the best for Everest helicopter tours in Kathmandu?

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Landing with Everest View Hotel 

Everest Base Camp Gokyo Helicopter Trekking

Everest BC Short Trek fly out by Helicopter

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Online Helicopter Tour Booking ! 

Helicopter Charter in Nepal

Helicopter Tours in Nepal

Contact Individual - Devi Pandey 

Mobile phone +977 9851072584/9801072584,  24 Hrs Accessible on WhatsApp, Viber or WeChat.