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"We are not just some agency that books you and leaves you. Everybody has PRICE.... WE GIVE YOU AN EXPERIENCE"  

Adventure International Trekking has a combined 14Years of industry experience and 28 Years of travelling experience! Our services are are not just a commercial trekking\travel packages rather it embraces the idea of a traveller giving back to travellers.

Yes! I “Devi Pandey” am a hardcore traveller and trekker who has been to every trekking and tours paradise in Nepal  Bhutan  and Tibet  for years which then made me a travel guide and then a employee as travel/trekking agent and now the owner of Adventure International. So my years of tourism and tourist relationships experience is very well instilled in the services we offer at Adventure international Trekking (P) Ltd.

Adventure International Trekking is more than a name... it's a lifestyle. We do our best research by going to places to gather information, meet the suppliers and experience the places and productsso we can bring that back in best possible form to our clients and provide the most VALUE for their vacation dollars.  Whether you're looking for  trekking in Nepal , Peak ClimbingHeli Tour  services to Himalayan, river adventure, jungle safari  and Sigh seeing tour package with accommodations, or the whole package (all inclusive resorts), we have you covered! Our adventurous teams are fully geared with the right knowledge and expertise to organize your trips for the best possible adventure of your life.

Our goal is creating unforgettable unique experiences for the modern traveler.Amongst numerous remarkable tours, our Nepal  Bhutan  and Tibet package Tour is one of our most sellable leisure tours in the magnificent Himalayan region. And, over and above, we are affordable in the adventure and travel market place. We are truly focused on giving best service, making sure that your every travel choices were the best one’s and your each moments as mesmerizing as it can be is our assurance. And we always know the best compliments are your referrals. 

While working with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our services, or even travel tips, get in touch! 


                                                                        “Always Say Yes To New Adventures”

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    ABOUT US "We are not just some agency that books you and leaves you. Everybody has PRICE.... WE GIVE YOU AN EXPERIENCE"   Adventure International Trekking has a combined 14Years of industry experience…

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    Adventure International Trekking is a trustworthy and government certified trekking company in Nepal. We are dedicated to offering the best services to our clients. With the hope to promote Nepalese…

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