Why a fair trade trip to Nepal?

In the heart of the Himalayas, this mythical country with a thousand facets, will enchant you. It attracts in particular trekkers for its sublime landscapes and the Himalayan peaks as a backdrop. But there are also historical sites and centuries-old temples, stupas and multiple legends.  It is also remarkable human discoveries with its population with an almost supernatural smile. A journey to Nepal is an opportunity to live a unique experience rich in colors and sensations. 

Why a fair trade trip to Bhutan?

Mysterious and magical, Bhutan is an unavoidable destination for travelers in search of unusual and uncrowded destinations. Preserved from mass tourism for years, it has been able to maintain its authenticity,its traditions and the preservation of nature. The tourist attractions of Bhutan lie in its nature and its incredible religious festivals.

Why a fair trade trip to Tibet?

Discovering the cultural richness and depth of soul of the Tibetan tradition...Between Buddhist temples and breathtaking mountains, Tibet offers the traveler both a spiritual destination and a discovery of sumptuous landscapes. And its endearing population is not the least attraction. You will admire the sacred lakes,herds of yaks, the isolated monasteries and prayer flags fluttering in the wind. 


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